So You Want to be a Speaker?

  • Identify topics that match your expertise and learn how to develop a marketable "topic" that event planners want to book.
  • Get serious about professionalism- learn ways to collect data, market yourself, build credibility and brand/market your speaking company well.
  • Speaking tips on storytelling and engaging a crowd
  • What is in a contract and how to negotiate!
  • How Much to Charge??? The main question speakers want to know.
  • Dive deeper into learning what a professional speaking career could look like and how to build one.
  • Gain an entire lesson JUST on working with the media and unearth tools to control interview questions, panels, Q&A as well as print and radio outlets.
  • Elevate Exclusive provides a one-hour candid interview with a professional conference planner to peek behind the curtain and hear what they are looking for!

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